Shipping costs

Delivery costs

domestic shipping:

economy package: PLN 16
priority package PLN 17

The above prices apply regardless of the weight of the package and the quantity of products ordered.

free shipping

The free shipping applies only to domestic shipments. We send orders at our expense in the following case:

the value of the order exceeds PLN 300 (only for products, not delivery costs). Delivery form – any.

Any free shipping option that appears periodically in promotions applies only to domestic shipments.

international shipping:

We ship throughout the European Union.
Priority shipping cost depends on the country:

Albania 19,10 EUR
Andorra 19,10 EUR
Austria 16,75 EUR
Belarus 16,75 EUR
Belgium 19,10 EUR
Bosnia and Herzegovina 16,75 EUR
Bulgaria 16,75 EUR
Central Macedonia, Greece 19,10 EUR
Croatia 16,75 EUR
Cyprus 19,10 EUR
Czech Republic 8,60 EUR
Denmark 16,75 EUR
East Macedonia and Thrace, Greece 19,10 EUR
Estonia 16,75 EUR
Finland 19,10 EUR
France 19,10 EUR
Germany 18,15 EUR
Gibraltar 19,10 EUR
Greece 19,10 EUR
Greenland 16,75 EUR
Iceland 19,10 EUR
Ireland 19,10 EUR
Israel 19,10 EUR
Latvia 16,75 EUR
Liechtenstein 16,75 EUR
Lithuania 16,75 EUR
Luxembourg 16,75 EUR
Malta 19,10 EUR
Monaco 19,10 EUR
Montenegro 19,10 EUR
Netherlands 16,75 EUR
Northern Ireland 19,10 EUR
Northern Macedonia 19,10 EUR
Norway 19,10 EUR
Portugal 19,10 EUR
Romania 19,10 EUR
Serbia 19,10 EUR
Slovakia 8,60 EUR
Slovenia 16,75 EUR
Spain 19,10 EUR
Sweden 19,10 EUR
Switzerland 16,75 EUR
Western Macedonia, Greece 19,10 EUR